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Size: 2140*1000*440~770mm

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    Size: 2140*1000*440~770mm
    Packing size:223*107*50cm(honeycomb box)/1pc
    Max Loading:250KG(550lb) in movement
    Backrest tilting From 0°~ 75° ±5°
    Footrest tilting From 0°~40° ±5°

    Main function:
    Back section up /down
    Knee section up/down
    Whole bed up-down
    Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg
    Back section X-ray
    Manual CPR
    One button Electric CPR
    One-button chair position
    One button Trendelenburg
    One button lock function
    One button examination position function
    One button patient leave bed position function
    Angle indicator
    Backup battery
    Abdomen auto-extension decompression
    Patient control panel
    Under bed light
    Nursing remote control with locker
    Power supply signal light

    Standard Accessories:
    4pcs 5”Taiwan castors with central brake system,
    1 pair brake pedal,
    4pcs PP side rails,
    2pcs ABS head and foot board,
    4pcs urine hooks,
    1 set MOTECK motor system,
    4pcs bumper wheels,
    4pcs angle indicators,
    1pc electric cable holder,
    4pcs Dust cover

    Optional accessories :I.V pole, mattress, over bed table,bedside locker

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